Welcome With its international headquarters in Made, The Netherlands, and distribution centers in six other countries (Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, France and Spain), the Bowltech Group is, without question, the leading supplier of bowling products in Europe. Especially when you consider that individually each Bowltech company serves several markets. Add joint ventures in Poland and the Czech Republic to the equation, and you’ll find that the Bowltech Group is presently satisfying customers in more than twenty European countries. Over the years Bowltech has worked diligently to align the company with a network of manufacturers and suppliers that specialize in one or more areas of the business . . . selecting those products from a given manufacturer’s pro-duct-line that are known for their innovative features and benefits and superior quality. In short, the combination of brand names and products available from Bowltech represent the best all-round complete line of capital equipment, aftermarket and consumer (pro-shop) products available in the industry … and at the best price. All of which adds up to “one-stop-shopping” at its best. As you’ll see in the following pages, at Bowltech your bottom line is our top priority. We’re dedicated to supplying the products and technical expertise and business know-how you need to succeed with your business. Hans Krol CEO Bowltech Group  
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