What we do No bowling centre can function without essential aftermarket pro-ducts and services to support the equipment supplied. From essential replacement machine parts and electronic assemblies, to lane and pin maintenance machines… from lane oil to shoe spray, from lanes to laces. You name it — Bowltech has it! All products designed to keep your equipment in optimum condition, and your business running smoothly and profitably. And, once again, the product offering from Bowltech comprises an array of the best brands of aftermarket products for the task or function they are designed to fulfill … and at better than competitive pricing. The offering of aftermarket products from Bowltech is so extensive that you have choices in almost every category … choices that will fit the needs of your center and your budget. Bowltech is dedicated to providing not only the products you need, but also the Technical Service and support required. Bowltech has dedicated support staff who work in conjunction with all their suppliers to provide product knowledge and training in every area. Modems are installed in all computerized equipment to provide direct access for technicians to diagnose and cure problems as quickly as possible. Bowltech offers a lifetime technical support guarantee to all centers it constructs. This is why Bowltech included a schoolroom at its new headquarters facility in The Netherlands. But, training is not limited to the schoolroom. Bowltech also provides technical training for your staff when installing equipment in your center.
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